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lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Para no verme mas

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The Unknown dijo...

Por más chiquitita que te hagas SIEMPRE vas a ser grande para mi..
Porque sos grande de corazón, grande de mente :D

Te adoro hermosa...
and remember :

[ Jë ] dijo...

If you jump i jump.
it's only a fall.
we'll both crash at the bottom
to get back to the top of the world.
how cool would it be to swim through the sky?
let's go.
you know that i will not leave you alone.
how will we get to the bottom?
we'll sink like stones.
all our dreams float and we fall into the ocean.
in the river that overlooks the city come
and waste some time with us today
away from everything
and away from all the rain.
Underneath the river that leaks into the ocean
we peeled back the sunrise
so we can fly under this endless sky
and compete with the source of light.
if you jump i jump. i
t's only a fall.
we'll both crash at the bottom
to get back to the top of the world.
We fly on the border line of new jersey sky
and crash into deleware.
in the river that overlooks the scenery come
and paint the sky blue with me.
we'll wash the clouds away
and ride them to our escape away from this place.
i can save the day.
Underneath the river,
swimming in the ocean,
we were caught flying
higher then we ever imagined,
even though we are underground.
if you jump i jump.
it's only a fall.
we'll both crash at the bottom
to get back to the top of the world
and take pictures
of our broken hearts from far away,
where we are safe to stand on the edge
of a burning bridge looking down on our graves.
we can smile and say,
we know we're awake.
it's just a lucid dream.
we're in a lucid dream.
stay awake.
i could take my poison out
and spit it in their face.
they're a day away from our dream

Lulet dijo...

Coincido con The U.
Sos grande.
Muy grande.
Y maravillosa.
Y admirable.
Te quiero.

Pd: Qué bárbaro este Liniers, che...

The Unknown dijo...

"Me pregunto si las estrellas se iluminan con el fin de que algún día, cada uno pueda encontrar la suya"

Yo encontre la mia :D y sos vos... y es algo raro.. porque aún estando triste... mi estrella siempre me ilumina.
Eso te hace única, eso te hace grande :D

Lochis dijo...

Sos grande Je. Enorme.
Y no vas a desaparecer nunca, porque muchos no vamos a dejar que eso pase.

Te quiero.

el gabi con i latina dijo...

JE !!!!!!!!!

y si lo haces...nos vamos a dar cuenta demasiadas personas....

es mas....hoy cuando venia en el colectivo de la facu a casa....me acorde de vos....hace una bocha q no te veo conectada...... :S
t paso algo????? :(
espero q sea porq andas ocupada con la facu y no algo grave ....

bueno je....espero q andes bien
y espero tener noticias tuyas...
besote enorrrrme

Vivian Garcia Hermosi dijo...

Liniers es lo más!

I Am Going to Hell For This One

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